Complementary and Integrative Medicine In Academia and Clinical Practice

May 17th 2022

Conventional medicine has long shown its worth, in particular for treatment of acute conditions. However, limitations still exist with respect to abundant chronic conditions such as cardiovascular disease and cancer. Consequently, many patients have turned to so-called “alternative” treatments.

Recent years have shown a rising awareness for new paradigms in medicine based on more holistic views. This has been further augmented by attempts to include quantum concepts in biology and medicine.

Functional Medicine – one of many disciplines in Complementary Medicine – takes a holistic approach based on mapping of a patients’ lifestyles and environmental impacts. The aim is to identify the root causes of disease such as poor nutrition, stress, toxic exposure, allergens, genetics and the microbioma.

This seminar aims at giving an overview of the academic discipline of Complementary and Integrative medicine and to provide insight into the use of Functional Medicine in clinical practice.

14.00-14.10 Welcome and overview of seminar
Steen H. Ingwersen, Danish Pharmaceutical Society

14.10-14:40 Complementary and integrative medicine: a scientific discipline?
Steen H. Ingwersen, Danish Pharmaceutical Society

14:40-15.00 Break with refreshments

15.00-15.40 Functional medicine – A new approach and paradigm in the field of medicine?
Ulrich Ghisler MD, General medical practitioner, Hellerup.

15.40-16.00 Discussion and conclusion

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On 17th may 2022



Benzon Auditorium, School of Pharmaceutical Sciences

Universitetsparken 2, 2100 Copenhagen Ø


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Registration no later than May 13th

No entry fee, non-members are also welcome.