Brain drugs – challenges and first hand stories from idea to the clinic

28. April 2022

Drug delivery to the diseased brain is a major challenge!
Join this seminar, to learn why it is so – and to hear first-hand stories from researchers moving brain drugs (closer to) the clinic

15.00-15.05 Welcome by Danish Pharmaceutical Society
Mie Kristensen & Stine Harloff-Helleberg
Section of Biopharmacy, Danish Pharmaceutical Society

15.05-15.50Why is it so difficult to get drugs (delivered) to the diseased brain?
Birger Brodin (Professor, HoD, University of Copenhagen)

15.50-16.05 Coffee and refreshments

16.05-16.50 From bench to clinic with the antidepressant drug Brintellix
Benny Bang-Andersen (Senior Director, Lundbeck)

16.50-17.35 Treatment of acute ischemic stroke with AVLX-144 – from university lab to clinical development
Kristian Strømgaard (Co-founder & CEO, Avilex Pharma)

17.35-17.45 Discussion and wrap up
Mie Kristensen & Stine Harloff-Helleberg,
Section of Biopharmacy, Danish Pharmaceutical Society


28. April – 15:00

28. April – 17:45

Benzon Auditorium, Farmaceutisk institut

Universitetsparken 2 Købenahavns universitet


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