Tests for Covid 19 – Are they fit for purpose?

23. March 2021

The PCR test and the quick test used in the ongoing campaign have been
developed within a narrow time frame and the results have profound
influence on society at large What are the principles behind the two tests?
Is the PCR test fit for purpose or could it produce massive amounts of false
positives as claimed in an external evaluation? Are all virus mutations
detected? What is the relationship between the two procedures and how
should they be used for decision making during the pandemic?

Free online seminar:
Welcome by Danish Pharmaceutical Society
Steen Plesner Pontoppidan, Nickolaj Petersen and
Inga Bjørnsdottir , Danish Pharmaceutical Society

Principles and characterisation of the Covid 19 tests
Ulf Bech Christensen, CEO Pentabase, Denmark

External evaluation of the original PCR test for Covid 19
Ulrike Kämmerer , Professor, Virologist and Immunologist
University Hospital Würzburg, Germany

PCR tests and the quick test. How do they compare?
Christian von Buchwald, Professor of Head and Neck Surgery
Rigshospitalet, Denmark

Discussion and wrap up